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Vehicle Re-mapping

What is a Vehicle ECU Remapping?

All vehicles manufactured since 1999 are controlled by an onboard computer, which is known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU controls a multitude of different engine functions such as ignition timing, fueling and boost pressure.

Martek Motor Services - Vehicle Re-mapping

Within this computer a file stores the manufacturers settings that have been fixed to allow for build tolerances into their engines and to comply with emission targets, cope with sub-standard fuels found in some countries, operate in areas with extreme environments and allow for some owners irregular service standards and intervals.‚Äč

  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Increase power + torque
  • Lower your carbon footprint

As Black code remapping qualified technicians, we welcome any queries regarding a remap on your vehicle. For more information, go to www.ecuremappingoldbury.co.uk.

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Martek Motor Services - Vehicle Re-mapping

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