Car Maintenance: Ensuring a Safe and Smooth Drive

It is essential to maintain your car so that it runs efficiently. Every aspect of the car from the tires to changing the timing belt is vital to making sure your car retains its value and function. Here’s a checklist of different things to get checked with a car professional.

Oil-Changing and Brakes

Oil must be changed every 12,000 kilometers or before it becomes less effective and begins to break down. Delay in changing the oil can result in a major engine breakdown and create friction. Always use a dipstick to check the oil levels and keep track of the mileage to know when your car is due for an oil change. Driving in traffic ridden areas can put a lot of undue pressure on the brakes which could result in a high pitched squealing, grinding sounds of metal on metal, a foul smell and pulling of the car on to one side. It could also result in damage to other corresponding parts and require a timing belt change. Delay to get this checked will warrant that you need to put in more effort to brake or that the car refuses to stop to a halt even after applying the brakes.

Tires and Balance and Alignment

Under inflated tires can be the cause for a blowout, high risk damage or even affect the efficiency of the car. Always check the air pressure, the surface of the tires or treads and the rotation. When tires are worn they may slip on wet roads while tire rotation ensures that the cars’ fuel efficiency performs at its best and it also prevents wear and tear. Another important item to check is alignment of the wheels so that it doesn’t affect the comfort and smoothness of the drive. Keep track of when a timing belt change is due and if the hydraulic fluid in the car is filled when necessary.

Bodywork, Lights and Water

As time passes, a car will benefit from regular checkups, cleaning, and polishing. A good cleanup will clean away the debris and any element that causes corrosion and waxing will make the motor shine. Car lights such as indicators, brake lights, reverse lights and fog lights need to be checked once a week and any broken or cracked ones need to be replaced. The coolant level must always be checked when the ignition is off and the engine is cold.

Despite hectic schedules, regular maintenance ensures identifying and replacing minor but important parts such as wires, spark plugs and changing of the timing belt.

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