Choose Digital Wheel Alignment Inspection for Quick, Accurate Results

Interested in solving your car’s steering issues, increasing fuel efficiency and prolonging the life of your vehicle’s tires? Request for a digital wheel alignment service from a top automotive service garage!

Perils of Improper Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is important for a safe, efficient and comfortable drive. For most cars today, all four wheels need to be set optimally so that they point in the right direction in relation to each other and also the direction of travel. When your car’s wheels are incorrectly aligned, you may experience issues such as uneven tire wear, poor vehicle handling, car dragging to one side of the road and off-center steering.

When to Get Wheel Alignment Checked

Perfect wheel alignment can be disturbed due to various reasons such as excessive wear of adjustable suspension and steering components and accidents such as hitting a curb or driving into a pothole etc. Most automotive technicians agree that you should get wheel alignment checked at least once a year, when you’re experiencing vehicle handling issues and when you’re installing new tires or having your tires rotated.

Benefits of Digital Wheel Alignment

A digital wheel alignment service is the best way to obtain accurate measurement results quickly. With the sophisticated Hunter digital wheel alignment measurement system, a technician can measure fourteen primary angles, down to the smallest fractions using real-time, high-definition imaging cameras. The Hunter wheel alignment inspection system is lauded throughout the world for its accuracy, reliability, and quickness. For proof, technicians provide an easy-to-read printout to clients. For accurate results, the primary angles should be measured and compared with the original or latest specifications provided by the manufacturer. This is important because alignment specifications differ by vehicle and manufacturer.

Remedial Measures to Consider

If the digital wheel alignment inspection service indicates your car’s wheels are correctly aligned, you don’t need to take any remedial measures. However, if discrepancies are detected, the technician at the garage may suggest adjustments to your car’s steering or suspension systems. It is better to give the go-ahead for necessary adjustments as this can help you get the best performance from your car. As proof of a job well done, reliable garages offer a repeat inspection and provide a printout of your complete satisfaction.

To ensure accurate results, collaborate with an automotive garage that has technicians who have been directly trained by Hunter representatives!

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