Get to the Root Cause of Warning Light with Accurate Car Diagnostics Service

Baffled by the warning light on your car’s dashboard? A simple car diagnostics service can help you get to the root of the problem.

Trigger for Warning Light

Get your car’s onboard computer, otherwise called the Engine Control Unit (ECU), continually monitors and controls the performance of various vehicular systems such as engine temperature, fuel delivery and emission levels among other things. Sensors placed throughout the car transmit information to the ECU. When something goes wrong and the ECU is unable to resolve it, an error code is generated which in turn triggers an illuminated warning light on the dashboard.

Comprehensive, Accurate Diagnosis

A warning light only alerts you to a problem – you will still need thorough car diagnostics to find out the cause and full extent of the problem. In a car engine diagnostics service, sophisticated automotive diagnostic equipment is connected to your car’s ECU. The ECU will transmit the error code which led to the activated warning light. There are hundreds of error codes and only a trained, professional mechanic can identify the meaning of each error code.

Expert Evaluation and Recommendations

During car diagnostics testing, a professional technician will check different key indicators such as idle speed, throttle response, emission levels, tyres, engine temperature and fuel system pressure in real time. This allows the diagnostics expert to evaluate whether the warning light was the result of a faulty sensor or a genuine problem. Based on findings, the service technician may recommend repairs to rectify the problem. After repairs are carried out, the warning light can be reset and you can get back on the road.

Get Back Optimal Vehicular Performance

Car diagnostics testing is important to prevent further damage and costly repairs down the line. Even subtle issues such as inferior fuel mileage or reduced vehicular performance are picked up by the ECU. A timely diagnostics service can help uncover hidden problems and help you get back your car’s optimal performance. If you have an expensive car, for example a German make car, going to a dealership to identify faults can be very expensive. Instead, you can take your vehicle to a reliable, independent auto service garage offering cost-effective car diagnostics using high quality equipment.

Don’t ignore the warning light in your premium German manufactured car – request car diagnostics from a service garage specializing in German manufactured cars!

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