The importance of MOT tests and testing centers

Vehicle driving and road rules are taken up pretty seriously by the law. As per the law, cars over three years of running age need to pass a MOT test before they’re cleared to run on the roads. This is a big necessity considering the fact that a big number of road accidents occur due to faults in vehicles that are beyond 3 years of age and have been ignored for underlying machinery issues.

About MOT tests

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) offers regular tests to check the overall working condition, machinery fitness, and other issues within a vehicle before it is cleared for roads. Various certified MOT test centers undertake the same and a car is compulsorily required to get the same done once every year after the same is beyond 3 years of age. Local councils provide information on the list of various authorized centers in a city.

A MOT testing center has specialists and technicians trained to conduct inspections on various functional components of a car including the brakes, oil, fuel system, transmission, exhausts, etc. They also specifically check for aspects like mirrors, seatbelts, clutch, gearbox, safety first aid boxes, etc.

Managing your time

Time management aspects often make car owners postpone their MOT test dates. That said, MOT tests are often super fast and usually take under an hour for completion. Keeping an hour or so extra is advisable.

However, the more important fact here is to keep your car well prepared for the MOT tests. A failed MOT test means that your vehicle will need to be taken away for repairs which would mean spending more time at the center.

Technicians usually advise customers to drop their vehicles early in the morning (while going to the office) at the MOT test center and collect them as they return.

Preparing the vehicle

A big percentage of vehicles end up failing the MOT tests, despite appearing to be in great working condition. And problems/faults with the car’s machinery are not the only reasons for a failed MOT test. Car owners often tend to ignore simple factors like car cleanliness, clutter, foggy mirrors, etc which end up in a failed MOT test.

Ensure that your vehicle is prepared in advance before you plan a visit to a MOT test center. Cleaning the clutter, wiping off the windows and mirrors, ensuring that the registration plate, seat belts, wipers, etc are in order are things that car owners must check before going in for a MOT test. Other issues like handbrake tension, tyre pressure, suspensions, horn, exhausts, etc will of course also be checked at the MOT test center.

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