MOT tests explained

So you already know that cars over three years old need to pass a MOT test before they can be cleared for roads. That said, the term and various other details regarding it could be a little confusing. This write-up here aims to offer some clarity on the same.

Understanding MOT tests

MOT or the “Ministry of Transport” test is conducted to check the working condition of a vehicle. A test every year at a certified MOT testing center is required by the law once the car is beyond three years old. You can easily get a MOT testing at a local council center with multiple authorized testing centers across the country.

Typical tests at a MOT testing center involve multiple checks on the car with inspections being done on the brakes, the fuel system, seatbelts, mirrors, exhaust system and practically every component of your vehicle except the engine, clutch and the gearbox.

How long do they take?

While a simple test at the MOT test center usually takes under an hour for completion, you might want to keep more time at your hands when going out for the test. For vehicles that fail the MOT, the cars are immediately taken away for repairs which can take time. A car that has failed a MOT test or is not MOT certified (within the validity date) is not allowed to be on roads.

The best way to manage your time efficiently is to drop the vehicle early in the morning and collect it at a later time as advised by the technicians at the MOT test center.

Reasons for cars failing the test

So why is there such a big percentage of failed MOT tests? In most cases, the same happens due to negligence on the part of the owners. Additionally, various reasons may contribute to a failed MOT test.

Simple factors like the screen not topped up or the car being dirty and full of clutter can get you a failed MOT test. Cleaning up the interiors as well as wiping off the windows and mirrors can help you pass those criteria.  Further, ensure that your registration plate is in proper order, intact, typed with correct fonts and spacing and is clean.

Lit up warning light can lead to a failed test. Similarly, other issues like handbrake tension levels, tyre pressure, seatbelts, windscreen, working condition of wipers, suspensions, horn quality, exhaust confirming up to environmental standards, etc are some criteria that you need to check on before going in for a MOT certification.

If you’ve noticed lit up warning time, it is advisable to get the underlying trouble resolved before going to a MOT testing center for certification.

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