AC Recharge


We now offer a full Car Air Conditioning Service with the latest equipment. Vehicles with the air conditioning facility should be maintained and serviced regularly, for several reasons:

  • The cooling system is working energy efficiently as it should be
  • Warm dehumidified air in winter – easily de-mists steamed up windows
  • Efficient cool air in the summer
  • The A /C system is likely to have a longer lifespan if maintained
  • Removal or excess air or moisture
  • Eliminate any foul smells and collection of germs or bacteria in the air

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How does Air Conditioning work?

  • Air conditioning in a vehicle follows the normal cycle of refrigeration which cycles through: Compression —> Condensation —> EvaporationRefrigerant is pumped around the air conditioning system, which is split into 2 parts:The high-pressure side is RED and the low-pressure side is BLUE. The refrigerant vapour is drawn from the low-pressure side to the high-pressure side by the compressor. In this cycle the vapour is heated to a temperature of between 25 – 75 degrees centigrade.The hot vapour is then pumped to the condenser which consists of a series of pipes surrounded by a cooling core. The refrigerant vapour is cooled by the air stream, with the assistance of the condenser fan (or radiator fan) so that it condenses into a liquid. The liquid refrigerant then flows into the receiver drier which stores and filters the refrigerant until required by the evaporator. The suction effect of the compressor on the low-pressure side of the circuit ‘sucks’ the liquid refrigerant through the ‘controlled restriction’.This causes an abrupt drop in refrigerant pressure as it passes through the ‘controlled restriction’, which causes the liquid to evaporate. During the evaporation process heat is extracted from the air passing across the evaporator coil. This cooled air is then blown into the vehicle.

What causes the smell in my A/C system?

The smell is caused by fungus, bacteria and other microbes growing inside the evaporator core. The moisture-laden environment is very conducive to the growth of these organisms.

Why does my car need an Air Con recharge?

Your Air conditioning system can lose up to 15% of its coolant every year, so a 3-year-old car may have lost almost half of its coolant seriously impacting on the performance of the system and damaging the components if not maintained. You should regularly have the air conditioning systems service to reduce wear and tear on the components and help avoid repair bills.

Regular car Air Con servicing ensures the system is full of coolant, that there are no leaks, the pressure is correct and that the hoses, seals and pipes are fully working.


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