When an unusual light comes on and stays on while the vehicle is running, your Car is trying to tell you something. It means that the in-board computer (known as the Electronic Control Unit or ECU) has detected a possible problem in one of the many systems it monitors and controls in your car. The problem may be minor, or could be a lot more serious. Diagnostics testing may not initially solve the core problem, but works as a process of elimination of possible causes.


What will you do when I bring in my vehicle?

When you visit us with the light on in the dashboard, we connect our automotive diagnostic tools to your vehicle’s computer. Your car’s computer is usually able to send our computer trouble codes, indicating why the light was activated.

Today’s on-board computer technology allows us to see if all vehicle systems are operating normally. While our car Diagnostics equipment is connected to your car, we can check idle speed, throttle response, engine temperature, fuel system pressure, manifold vacuum, exhaust emission levels and other key indicators, all through your vehicle’s ECU.

While computer technology can direct us to potential problems, nothing can replace the skills and knowledge of a trained technician. Working with the computer, our staff can thoroughly diagnose and correct problems your vehicle may have.

What if the light comes on, but my vehicle is still running ok?

  • One highlight of warning lights appearing on your dashboard is that it warns you of a problem, before it could grow into a big potentially expensive problem.Not every vehicle problem gives you obvious indications (hard starting, rough running, vehicle stalling etc.) that something is wrong. That’s why you should ignore this important little light, get it checked at your earliest chance.The warning light that appears also alerts you to problems such as poor fuel mileage or reduced vehicle performance. These, can evolve so slowly that you get used to them. However, your vehicle’s on-board computer is sensitive enough to detect even gradual changes and alert you.

What does the vehicle’s on-board computer do?

The on-board computer processes information it receives from the vehicle’s sensors, then sends out commands to the system controls. This includes your vehicle’s fuel delivery; spark timing and emission control systems.

Most of the time, the on-board computer is hard at work and you’re not even aware of it. But when it requests your help, it indicates with a warning light. That’s your vehicle calling for a qualified service technician immediately.


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