Fuel Treatments


Fuel treatment is a chemical liquid that you add to your fuel system, which assist to keep your engine performing the way the manufacturer intended with ‘clean up’ and ‘keep clean’ technology, which will keep cleaning your engine for up to 10,000miles. An efficient engine will reduce fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and prolong the life of your vehicle.


What does a Fuel Treatments include?

Fuel treatments can assist to clean, maintain, protect or lubricate a vehicle’s fuel system.

They are designed to reduce wear on your engine and deposits on intake valves, manifolds and diesel injectors, as well as other components. At Martek we use a range of Fuel treatment brands, which will work best for your vehicle.

Here are some more fuel tips that may help:

  • A clean engine works more efficiently and use less fuel – maintaining your vehicle with regular indicated services and Oil changes, will help it to work efficiently, using less fuel and generates less carbon dioxide (CO2) effecting the environment.
  • Pump up to cut down – Regularly checking your tyre pressures are as they should be, will help to maintain the safety of your vehicle and produce less CO2.
  • Less clutter in your car means less CO2 – removing extra load weight from your vehicle before your journey could reduce your engine’s workload, burn less fuel and cut down on CO2 emissions
  • Driving at an appropriate speed reduces CO2 – Sticking to the speed limit will increase your safety, save on fuel costs and helps to do your bit for the environment.
  • Less stopping and starting helps to reduce CO2 – gently slowdown in built up traffic to cut down on emissions and avoid sudden braking and accelerating.
  • Over revving accelerates emissions – use your gears appropriately to avoid over/reduce revving your vehicle. Idling can also waste fuel.


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