Wheel Balancing


The purpose Wheel balancing is to evenly distribute the weight of the Tyre and Wheel around the axel of your vehicle.  This is carried out by positioning little weights around the wheel.

We can check your tyres on the Wheel balancing machine on site at Martek, while you wait.

If your Tyres are not balanced correctly, this can potentially cause:

  • Uneven pressure around the tyre treads.
  • Tyres treads can wear out unevenly
  • Steering Vibration / wobble
  • Impact the Suspension and components on your vehicle

On today’s roads, every bump, potholes and corners can affect your vehicle wheels.  This over time can cause unbalance.  Therefore, we advise to have them checked regularly, which will also save costs on forking out for new Tyres where avoidable.


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Quality Commitment

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